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I had 22 teeth extracted, my palate lifted and 8 mini implants on the bottom, 8 on the top and snap in dentures. I had this done on February 29th, it's March 27 today.

My mouth was a mess! Failed root canals, teeth broken off at the gum line, infected gums. I had the iv sedation and my surgery took 3.5 hours. I'm still healing but what an amazing difference!

This man is also an artist, literally with a great eye. He pointed out things I hadn't even noticed. I realize everyone's experience is different but I have found the staff to be amazingly responsive, the place was immaculate and they have called to check up on me weekly since I got home. I had some concerns about my bottom denture and how my bottom jaw is healing and they responded right away.

I am going back in late April just to make sure everything is healing properly. I have no pain and people actually thought I had my lips filled. It took 10 years off my face, no more sinus problems, stomach issues are better (I was swallowing all that bacteria).

I am a very to the point person so if I had issues I would not hesitate to say so. Love these people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry Dentures.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Way i was treated, Quality of the work, Follow up on how i am doing, Price, Staff is amazing.

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It sounds like the same Dr. German Arzate came down here to write his own good reviews.

Just stay away from this so-called "doctor". He is a butcher.

to Adonis #1432477

I assure you I wrote the review, this was my experience, sorry it wasn't yours. Lucky? Maybe but the concern, followup and quality were above my expectations, I was very nervous about going....I'm glad I went and would go again.


Luck of the draw....dental tourism is like Russian roulette. Especially at that clinic!


Stay in America or Canada to fix your teeth, Cancun/Mexico laws does not protect you nor do they have a public data site to check dentists track records. You would be shocked to learn what this so called "dentist" has gotten away with.

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