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Get yourself's far away as possible from Dr. German Arzate of Miracle Dentures, Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry, Cancun Top Dental, Snap on Dentures and Dental Maya. That's right, ask yourself's why in the *** does a doctor have several internet business names if he is trying to build a reputable dentistry clinic. This is all been with the help of his spin doctor/marketing patient manager who happens to be a family member Camilia A Garza. Many of the legitimate complaints include but not limited to failed implants, teeth prepped over the biological margins resulting in extensive corrective surgeries, failed cosmetic procedures, crowning and root canals done on the wrong teeth, ill fitted crowns, broken, cracked, and warped dental bridges, loss of gum health and loss of teeth, infections, failed veneers, and the list grows. One complaint involved a child from the united states.

This will continue............. The websites are stunning but the dental procedures are shockingly poor. Its all been a money making scheme. Not one ex patient who complained received an apology or a refund. They would rather try and harass and bully injured dental tourists in the attempt to keep them silent and spend more time and money on marketing than pay restitution . If you thought this was bad enough they also plaster the internet with spam and chase up behind anyone that attempts to reveal the truth. This type of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere including Mexico. Its disgraceful and brings great shame to the honest professionals providing dental tourists with optimum dental care.

This information is a public warning and provided in the best interest of the public.

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia

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Why would anyone go to Mexico for anything that requires sanitation???

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There are good dentists in Mexico and overseas. You have to do research and find them.

The reason why people go out of the US to get dental work done is because the dentists in the US charge thousands more than what the work they do is worth. Do you really think a crown is a $2000 plus procedure? No it’s not. The dentist is downright taking advantage of the fact you need teeth and if you are missing teeth you are embarrassed because of your smile.

My husband had dental work done in Mexico for $2000 and it looks amazing. The dentist in the US would have charge over $20,000. Find a dentist out of the country whom is reasonable and reliable. Stop letting US dentists take advantage of people to get rich quick.

Plus, our government is coming up with so many regulations for denytidts to follow. Yes, our dentists need to be regulated on some things but the regulations have gotten out of hand and ridiculous. Without customers they will be forced to start charging reasonable prices so people don’t need to go out of our country to afford dental care. We live in the US for crying out loud.

Dental care and good smiles should never be out of reach for anyone. Mmm it one person deserves a terrible smile.


I wrote the above comment, and Because I am not signed in it automatically label's me as anonymous. My name is Nicole from America and I am proud of what I said!!! And I meant to write the word Fair, Not fear!

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Mariona Hkl

German should not be in practice. He's not a good man much less a dentist

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Talk to me about this so called "dentist" I have been suffering for over 2 years with implants put in the wrong places, infections, implants had to be taken out, I am out of 50K as of today and I am not done yet. Worst experience in my life...This is for you GERMAN ARZATE so you don't come after me with your fake accusations and threatening letters....THIS IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND OPINION... ( Happy now?)


and a fractured jaw too


stay away waste of time and money morally insufficient and rude at 1st he promises you the world when your in trouble double talk

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here i am 6 months later and am screwed by what dr azarte did to me


Dr german Arzate is s money grabbing loar poor communication snd even worse work unfulfilled promises DO NOT GO HERE you are being set up gor pain,failure ,and more pain


And their clinic name has changed again to Dental Makeover. Be aware. different name, same ***


I just had 16 Dental Implants 3 weeks laer im down to 9 left in ripped off by a scamaster do not use Cancun Dental and Dr German Arzate fraud master

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by the way just insults on complaint good luck on any refund let alone getting things fixed


just had 16 mini implants im down to 10 in about 2 weeks


Can anyone tell me of a very good dental implant dentist in Mexico? Is so hard researching because you don't know who the reviewers are or who to believe.

I'm just overwhelmed. Thank you.

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dont even consider Dr. Germain Arzate Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

Jessup Gjj
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Stacy...did you find a good dentist?


it is very interesting and I find questionable that you know so much about the many patients and what he did to them. If you are not a lawyer or someone that has the need to collect all this information for a legal reason, your comments sound so fake and with the intent of just spreading gossip and fear. You are probably a dentist that lost a lot of money because of him.

Kynzi Zkr
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It is interesting and I find questionable that you, who I am guessing, are posing as someone that randomly stumbled across this website reading all of these horrifying experiences/reviews of this scam artist of a tourist dentist and you feel the need to defend him? Considering you went as far to accuse them of spreading fear and gossip and are secretly a jealous dentist that lost a lot of money due to Dr.

Arzate's incredible dentistry work, on top of his above and beyond ethical practices, guaranteed patient satisfaction, and successful quality procedures? Im sorry but you are clearly Dr. Arzate himself or have some sort of personal relation or business interests with him. No decent person would just randomly stumble across this website, having no past associations with him or his many businesses running under different aliases, then check out his reviews only to read horrifying experiences of his alleged malpractices and total disregard of his patients dental health and post procedure success and decide to accuse an alleged previous patient of his, who wrote detailed scathing reviews of their experience that sound like a complete nightmare, of being a disgruntled dentist that's jealous of Dr.

Arzates dentistry talent and business model. I'm sorry but I absolutely cannot stand when I read reviews and they are mostly terrible and then I stumble across a response to a bad review from someone that pretends they arent associated with the service or product being reviewed, ESPECIALLY when they also accuse the person who wrote the bad review to be a fake reviewer that has some sort of vendetta, when in fact, it is YOU that is fake and that is actually associated with this terrible person and business.

Akeya Zac
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I concur. Succinctly spoken.

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