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I went to the clinic to have SIX old veneers changed because over time they had discolored, nothing was wrong with my teeth otherwise. Dr. Arzate advised to do eight teeth for aesthetic reasons and I agreed. The drilling started and my nightmare began. Instead of veneers I was prepped for TEN crowns with devastating results. The emergency trip home began so I could get to a Canadian dentist as soon as possible. His negligence caused me to be treated for severe gum infection, plastic particles left embedded inside the upper gums that had to be surgically removed. All teeth were drilled over the natural margins, leaving gaps between the hideous large crowns and gum line. I had to have several root canals performed because he drilled to deeply through healthy teeth enamel while prepping for crowns I never asked for. Also needed gum replacement surgery. Two of my upper back teeth were so savagely drilled into that they became loose/mobile and the only option for them is implants.

All teeth had to have crown lengthening surgeries done on them to prepare for the new set of crowns that were better fitting, natural color, and of far Superior quality than the ones he hastily chose after he had to cancel my veneers from the lab that the office manger (Camillia Arzate) ordered. All of these corrective surgeries that were done to salvage what was left wich took over a year to complete and I am still not done. So far it has cost me over thirty thousand dollars and by the time I'm finished it will be approximately forty thousand.

No refund ever came or apology, only dreadful letters trying to bully me into not telling my story to the public. I have included several photos with my review so readers will have an idea of what a naive dental trip has put me through. I know the clinic has paid monies to have some reviews removed, as it has been reported by others as well. Ironic isn't it, that he has money to spend on that but doesn't seem to care enough to contact patients to offer financial assistance or even return original monies paid to the clinic for services not rendered. Very sad indeed! And defiantly in contrast to his public persona presented in their internet marketing.

I did read some comments that the clinic has stated they were never on national news in Canada but I am here to tell you otherwise. Dr.Arzate was profiled on Global National News Network In Canada. It was a three part segment about the pitfalls of dental tourism. Myself among others were filmed during this news broadcast regarding our experience with Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry formally known as Dental Maya. To this end, I hope my experience will serve the public in a positive way and send a message that if you are contemplating a dental tourism vacation that you should do as much research as possible and protect yourself as best you can. I had this experience with ONE clinic and I am not implying that there are not good dentists in Mexico because I am not narrow minded or believe that. I just chose a bad one and did not do enough research or even think about not having any recourse if things went wrong. Which they inevitably did.

To the owners of Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry, at any time you would like to refund my money and apologize to me, you can notify me and I will post the outcome to the public so they will know if my case has been resolved or not.

Reason of review: Horrible Dentistry.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

Preferred solution: Refund all the money paid already to the clinic and doctor. Cover the cost of the corrective surgeries I have had to do. Thank you!.

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Pleasanton, California, United States #1227585

seriously, going to a developing country for medical/ dental fealth provedures o save money? It's no surprise there are problems.

Miami, Florida, United States #1173570

What a terrible ordeal, the dentist obviously has no morals. I've decided against a dental trip till Mexico can provide protection against such quacks!

Thanks for the information and review.


He should have his dental licence revoked. All my dental work had to be redone as well.

Cancun needs to get a dental board to oversee these tourism dentists and provide protection for patients.

to Anonymous #1227589

Cancun needs a dental board to protect tourists? If you can afford a vacation to Cancun, you can afford to go to a licensed dentist at home.

Dentistry, surgery, healthcare is NOT a tourism product or activity.

It's tragic what has happened but the US and Canada have stringent education and licensing requirements for a reason.

The majority of the cost is to pay for the medical/dental professional's expertise, although dental devices are not cheap.


I am so sorry for your devastating experience in Cancun. Thank you so much for this review and supporting photos.

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #924524

Over and over again I see patients who go offshore to get what they think will be a great deal in dental care.

When they return, I see overtreatment and grossly negligent treatment. The patients have to pay me to fix things that should not have been done to start with.

I have traveled extensively and gone to international dental conventions.

I have worked in an office in Colombia and one in Peru. Many people who practice as dentists in Latin America never went to dental school. They were just dental assistants who got their name forged on a diploma.

Many governments of Latin America do not bother to prosecute these imposters.

Thank goodness the pitfalls of offshore dental tourism is publicized in Canada. Our patients don't hear a peep about these problems!

to Seasoned Dentist California, United States #933872

Great points made! So many of these clinics exaggerate their qualifications and make absurd claims.

Bet this patient will never hear from them or receive a refund. Its a one shot deal and the cards are all in their favour because even if they invite patients to return to fix work, who among them would actually make such a mistake twice?! Sorry for those that took a chance and learned the hard way.

Those caps by the way look very cheap and large, that infection sure shows the clinics speciality! Hope it all got fixed and your story helps those looking into these dental trips.


Certain dentists should read up on codes of ethics and follow them!

to Kate #1209556

some of these people are not even trained professionals. No formal school at all.

People need to be more careful when selecting healthcare providers.

Its not the same as picking someone to change your tire....you can actually die from poorly (or not even) trained dentists and doctors. Be smart people

to Anonymous Milton, Florida, United States #1335704

My wife and I both had dental work with Dr German.

Both us left with the uneasy felling and problems.

My wife went with me and while they were performing surgery on Dental implants they talked her into removing silver fillings and redoing them I guess with white acrylic she ended up with them prepping and did 4 crowns in her lower mouth.

After a week of repairs she ended up with ill fitting crowns, margins exposed. Pain that was unbearable.

We returned home and her dentist here in Florida she said they were good teeth and the work quality was hurendus!!

She is now going through a complete lower replacement crowns and who knows what it will cost to clean up the mess.

I left cancun with surtures in lower front jaw stitches came out and now have total bone exposure between implants. I'm now being cared for by a periondis and implant doctor here in Florida. Stay away from these people.

When doing my research about them and saw no apparent problems all ratings were great. I guess they made up all these from friends and family.

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