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Very upset I even went to Mexico in the first place. This dentist is very unethical and only cares about the patients that can bring him the most referrals in my opinion.

A lot of people seem to have great results but Id be willing to bet after some time they will begin to see and have issues. I recieved the snap on dentures. The first time I was in Cancun and got the procedure, immediately following the procedure two implants had fallen out already. When I got home, another two about 2-3 weeks later.

Of course they said there was warranty and Id have to return. So I said ok even though I was a little upset. Then out of no where my top denture just broke in half. And no I dont sit around eating rocks.

This was all within a 6 month time frame. I made the reservations to return. Got the implants replaced, returned home and within TWO days my teeth began to break off one by one. I was devestated to say the least.

They told me to mail my teeth to them and they would repair them. Went to post office and the woman said legally I had to have a signed authorization of sanitation paper from them before mailing. Not knowing what this was I asked Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry and they had no idea what I was talking about. Their solution?

They wanted me to mail off my teeth to a complete stranger in Florida whom was visiting their clinic and he would deliver my teeth! I was stunned. Were they serious? I emailed Dr.

German Arzate three times and he has never responded. I took my teeth to a local dentist here in the states and before they even asked me who took care of my teeth he told me what poor quality of material was used. Ya think? This is just the beginning for me.

I will drag Dr. German's name through the mud all over this internet now and wherever else I can do so.Look, I know its expensive and I dont have the answers but dont go to Mexico for cheaper dental work. Just not worth it. I never even considered what would happen if God forbid something would go wrong and Id have to take multiple trips back and forth to Mexico.

That was my first mistake. But then again, they never discuss these kind of things with you either. They just take your credit card and begin drilling!!! And for all the successful patients out there raving about his work, thats wonderful.

Im happy it worked out for you but for the percentage of people that have recieved poor service and/or are ignored when asked for a partial refund this clinic has plenty of denero to ensure customer satisfaction and should refund the some of their money back so they can get a decent pair of teeth! Oh and because the teeth were so poorly made I am now expieriencing the only way I know how to describe it as little shards of glass in my mouth due to such sharp edges all around the denture!

I want to add that there are a few very kind and very under paid dentists who work there. But they are obviously taken advantage of...

Product or Service Mentioned: Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry Dentures.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1221637

Sorry this happened to you but not surprised. His dental work and materials are atrocious and good luck getting them to refund your money, many people never get any money back.

And heads up they would rather pay to have the bad reviews removed than to set things right when they mess up.

He is a man of low morals! Good advice to others and they should heed the warning and try and stay in their country of residence for dental work and realize they may travel south but their rights do not, so the good German gets away with everything under the lacked laws for dentists in Mexico.

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