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Saved my money for years, went to cancun cosmetic dentistry for snapon dentures.Had 20+ teeth removed over a few hours with local anestesia.

Horribly PAINFUL! had implants put in and then snapped dentures in. Dentures were gigantic and looked ridiculous. After 2 weeks all but 3 implants started coming out..have now paid to have standard dentures made in California, look much better.

I basically threw 11,000 in the toilet. DONT THINK IT WONT HAPPEN TO YOU. DO NOT GET DENTAL WORK DONE HERE.

The top implants were not even screwed into my jawbone.They were just in gum tissue so they didnt stand a chance.

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Chester Township, New Jersey, United States #1209469

People!Please do not go out of the country for medical/dental procedures!

There is no legal or other recourse you have if something goes wrong. I am constantly astonished that people are duped into believing they can guarantee great results. You are left with no avenue to recoup your money (not to mention pain and suffering) if something goes wrong. Do you even know if they are using sterile instruments/supplies?

Are the nurses/assistants trained? What implants are they using? What are they made of?

I realize its less money and people think they can throw in a vacation too but you get what you pay for.Please for your own health and safety think before you go.

to Anonymous #1321183

Seems like you're an American dentist loosing patients, try harder ;)


That is so sad. The only thing that I could call these people are sociopaths.


I am so sorry for your experience.I just went in February and had the snap in dental procedure with 22 teeth removed, palate lifted, infected gums...mouth was a mess.

I personally could not have done such a thing without i.v. sedation. When I went in to review the wax teeth and how they fit in my mouth, they asked me if I was happy with the shade, shape etc. of my teeth and there is paperwork that you sign saying you are happy.

Why didn't you complain at the time and have them make the changes then? Also they were very clear that if any of the implants failed (and implants DO fail) that they would replace that implant literally replace it in another or similar position. Sometimes the bone rejects the implant. I'm a paralegal and I researched failed implants and dental complaints here in the US and the complaints were MASSIVE.

Cancun Dental guarantees their implants for five years and their paperwork is very clear. I had concerns about how my bottom jaw was healing and one implant in particular. They have called me DAILY, I've spoken with the dentist, sent pictures and followed their instructions. Sure enough I'm making vast improvements.

I am going back at the end of April just to have xrays done and get my top realigned (I've healed very quickly there and the gums have shrunk as expected). The staff has been so responsive and caring and the cost was drastically less even with my flying back in April compared to the $42,000 it would have...

Again, I'm sorry for your experience but curious why you didn't pursue the iv sedation, express your dissatisfaction with the wax teeth and finally go back and take advantage of the 5 year warranty on your implants?I'm glad you're happy now but that is a lot of money to have spent and be unhappy!

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to gbrad2506 #1137104

thanks for sharing your experience.If you look at the xray I posted, you can see the implants aren't even in the actual jawline.

The Xray was taken by the dentist. He did not even bother to look at the Xray before sending me home. I also provided an Xray of my mouth prior to scheduling any work or booking a flight to Cancun. It is clear to every U.S.

dentist that has reviewed my case that bone grafting was necessary before implants could be attempted but the dentist in Cancun did not even mention it to me. I also did extensive research prior to my dental work. I am not a dentist or a dental expert . I realized that implants could fail but ALL of them a week later?

They failed because they were never inserted into my bone.

Sure they are guaranteed but after finding out that the work I had done at Cancun Costmetic Dentistry was negligent and improper by 2 U.S.dental implant experts, I couldn't see spending more money to travel to Cancun, to HOPE they would do it right the second time.

to Anonymous #1137437

I completely understand!!!


Same exact situation down to the severe pain, even extended our stay because they could not get denture to "snap" in what a joke, I use the term loosely but dr. does not describe any of these people, very incompetent. Used extreme excessive force to force denture in place and broke the headrest, I heard a loud crack asked him what was that crack, he said he didnt know I said it sounded as if you cracked the denture, but day later implats failed.I can not stress enough DO NOT GO TO CANCUN DENTAL.

to Anonymous Brea, California, United States #963380

I am so sorry this happened to you too.The website is very misleading.

I failed to mention in my original posting about how much trouble they had trying to snap the dentures in the first time. Since my implants were placed crooked, the dentist (I use this term loosely) came up with an order of how to snap them in, front first, then left side, then right side.

There is no way a patient would know how crazy that sounds unless they had some knowledge of implant dentistry.I understand your frustration unfortunately.

to Anonymous #1137445

It's funny the way you describe the crooked implants and the strange method to snap them in....I had the same EXACT experience. Doesn't seem right does it?

to Anonymous Calgary, Alberta, Canada #963497

Heavy handed dentist.Ruined my teeth in that place, and cost me triple to fix the mess.

I regret ever going there. Come to find out now they go by many names on the internet. Cancun Dentist, Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry, Cancun Top Dental, Dr. German Arzate Dental clinic, and Cancun Implants.

Big big mistake.Stay away from this place of many names and stay home to get dental work done.

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