Warning.. Beware..

Dr. German Arzate Internet business name Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry, land clinic name Dental Maya. Cancun Mexico Plaza Las Americas shopping center. Seems the clinic is not what's advertised, nor is the dental work.

Patients are returning home with terribly preformed dental work and facing mounds of medical bills to cover corrective surgeries. Global TV Canada profiled the clinic after several patients contact the Canadian Dental Association. A representative for Dr.

German Arzate of Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry responds by stating the ex patients and treating physician's are liars. It seems the clinic employees heavily spam the Internet to spread their marketing agenda and reel in dental tourists.

Store Location: Burnaby, British Columbia

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stay away unless u want a painful unsusuccectful experience pain and more pain


Arzate doesn't do the work! He's too busy conning American and Canadian people into coming to his nightmare clinic


That is the truth 100%




i agree butcher


He is a Swine...as Crooked as they come. He preys on US and Canada and i


Now this guy is putting out videos addresing bad reviews online

hes a *** joke invest that time in your patients


I went to this clinic

in brief they *** me out of 3 thousand dolars.

stay away had to get it fix elsewhere in Cancun


Remember your mouth may travel south but your rights do not. Until Mexico creates a central data base in which you can legitimately check a dentists track record for violations it will continue to be a gamble.

Going by promotional videos and the dentists word for it may put you in harms way.

I believe the dentist in discussion here has been profiled on national television in Canada for some terrible incidents. Protect that smile as best you can.


Hi 'NO EXIT', those are very strong accusations which should not be done without any proof.

​We have never ever been contacted by any Association or a GlobalTV. ​If you have an evidence that supports your comments, please tell us who you are and bring them up instead of misleading people for personal purposes.

We always give solutions to all our patients and ex patients.

If you have no proof and will not tell us who you are, please abstain of doing this serious accusations Anonymously. Thank you.


Is it hunting season already?! High season for these clinics are from Nov-March so have to try and catch all those snow birds willing to risk it and get a drop of sun.

Best place to start would be to post explanations and excuses in hopes they wont heed complaints. Empty promises and fairy-tales.

Interesting to post under some really old complaints....is it that they have not yet been settled in a ethical manor. Like you dm from ccd, I was unable to find working links to the actual Global TV series that included this clinic.

That would be because it was several years ago NOT because you were not profiled with a public warning. In fact you can find links straight to administrators that watched it and discussed it on every thing from travel boards to Canadian dentists website. So the comments made by whom ever danielmartin from cancun cosmetic dentistry is, it is apparent they are trying to hide the fact that the clinic was profiled.

Complete Fail....sorry. The question now is, what else are they trying to deny.


FYI Readers there is no one at their clinic named "danielmartin" so maybe Camilia Arzate should refrain from using a fictitious name herself when posting these sincere posts.


My snap on dentures were awful. Who ever you are responding to people, you should take a hike and worry more about sending cash refunds back to people so they can have a PROPER dentist do the dental work.


I had 4 veneers done in August 2014 and Dra. Alejandra and Dr.

Ceasar did an excellent job. They look great and there was a little soreness for a day or so but that's it.

I need a root canal and a crown and if I could wait long enough before it gets infected I trust them more than my dentist in Baltimore. Three friends of mine had work done there in January 2014 and they are all happy too.


You are definitely not being truthful! They are wrecking people's mouth!!


Think we solved the spammer puzzle. Scroll down on page two.

LMHO! Desperate for business would be an understatement.


Forgot to mention someone from dr Arzates office is also placing fake posts under a story by JM on realself.com by the user name "star smile". But other members are on to it and starsmile dug *** for themselves.

Man is it ever sick to do that!

Dang... ya'll must be really desperate people.


This clinic has been leaving fake posts on our community board " hey I have a great dentist in cancun called cancun cosmetic dentistry"

We want you to stop doing this! We are now dedicated to outing you and letting community members know about all the complaints you actually have.

Must be slow business for ya'll.


If your worried about the amount of complaints you see listed here about cancun cosmetic dentistry, cancun top dental and doc german arzate you better read the rest. Check out Ripoff reports.com, pete macmullins video on youtube, complaints board, realself.

com, cancun cosmetic dentist complaint veneers and the gehman family complaint on a premed site. You can locate global news canada reports on these people as well.

Lol :grin they think dental tourists cant read.

I support dental tourists!


Do not even consider Dr. German Arzate from Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry clinic.

You could end up with a costly repair bill if you do. Why take risks with your health and bank account.

Believe the bad reviews when you see them.

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